Redirection messages

The HTTP status codes in the range 300 to 399 are redirect codes. They are used by the server to tell the client that the requested resource is available at a different URL and that the client should redirect to that URL. These codes indicate that the requested resource is available at a new URL. The client is prompted to use the new URL to retrieve the requested information. This may be due to a change in the path or domain of the resource, for example, or due to a temporary redirect. Redirect codes can be useful to ensure that the client is accessing the latest version of the resource and to drive traffic to the site. However, it is important to note that this can affect performance, as the client has to send multiple requests to get the requested resource.

<300/> Multiple Choices

several different resources are available

<301/> Moved Permanently

the URL has changed, for further requests this should be used

<302/> Found

temporarily the resource is available under a new URL

<303/> See Other

the redirects do not point to the requested resource itself, but to another page

<304/> Not Modified

The resource does not need to be retransmitted because no change has taken place

<305/> Use Proxy

The resource is accessible only through a proxy
Official Deprecated

<306/> Switch Proxy

The resource is accessible only through a specific proxy
Official Deprecated

<307/> Temporary Redirect

The ressouce is temporarily available under a new URL. The new call must be based on the same method

<308/> Permanent Redirect

The ressouce is available in perpetuity at a new URL. All future requests should be made via the new URL