JavaEE 7

The development environment: JavaEE 7

JavaEE 7: General

Java EE is a technology that is particularly well suited for web application development. It provides various APIs and frameworks specifically designed for web application development. Some of the most important components of Java EE in terms of web applications are servlets, JSP (JavaServer Pages), EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), JPA (Java Persistence API) and JSF (JavaServer Faces). Servlets are the foundation of Java-based web applications. They receive a request from a Web browser, perform processing, and send a response back to the Web browser. JSP allows developers to create HTML pages with embedded Java code that executes at runtime. EJBs are components used in a Java EE application to process complex business logic and data access operations. JPA facilitates the management of data in a Java EE application by using an object-oriented data model. JSF is a framework for building user interfaces for web applications. JSF provides components that enable developers to create user interfaces quickly and easily.

JavaEE 7: HTTP Constants